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Whether you are a sometime visitor or a regular patron, the staff and the collections of the library are at your service. While the materials are selected with you in mind, we welcome suggestions for improvements. We hope you will use your library and work with us to make it successful. Come visit the Library!
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It’s time again for the annual Cookie Decorating Event! This fun and tasty event will be held on Saturday, December 13th, at 10:00 AM. Families are invited to come and decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. Each family will be given a dozen sugar cookies. The library will have a variety of frostings and decorations so you can let your creativity show! Please bring containers to take your treats home. You must register for this event by Wednesday, December 3rd. Contact the library at 815-694-2800 or complete the online registration form to register your family for this year’s cookie program.


Entry forms for this year’s Christmas Coloring Contest are now available at the library. This year’s design was drawn by Brandon Luhrsen. There are five contest categories: Kindergarten and younger, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-5,Grades 6-12,TruckColoringCon and Family. Additional guidelines for the contest are found on the entry form. There will be three prizes in each category. Entries are due on Monday, December 15th. Call 815-694-2800 for more information.



The library is now offering a wide variety of shaped cake pans for checkout! Novelty shapes such as teddy bears, castles, tractors, and footballs are available as well as round, heart, and hexagonal tiered pans. Also available are different sized cupcake pans, tart/quiche pans, and springform pans. A Castle Decorating Kit and a Carousel Kit can also be used. A set of decorating tips is also available. Items may be checked out for a two week period. Many pans include baking and decorating directions and ideas. See a list of available cake pans or contact the library at 815-694-2800.


The 15th annual Try-It! Illinois, the State Library’s popular free statewide electronic database trial, began on October 1, and runs through November 30, 2014. Try-It! Illinois provides an opportunity to survey and evaluate a wide variety of electronic resources. Thanks to a collaboration between the State Library and the participating vendors, there is NO CHARGE for accessing these databases during Try-It! Illinois. Call the library at 815-694-2800 for login information, then click here to get started. Let us know if you would like to suggest a resource to add to our collection.



Central Citizens’ Library District is now offering access to dozens of popular magazines that can be read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone through Zinio for Libraries. Recently added magazines include Bon Appetit, Brides, and Self. See the complete list of available magazine titles here. All magazines are complete editions, some with enhanced content such as audio and video. Get started with Zinio by setting up your accounts, one to view the library’s magazine collection and one for your personal viewing collection. Get helpful tips setting up your account here. Best of all, there is no waiting list and no need to return issues!

Central Tots

The Central Tots program will be starting up again for this coming school year. The first session will be on Tuesday, September 2nd, at 6:30 PM. This program is for preschool-age children and features read-aloud stories, some skills work, and a related craft. It is also an opportunity for both children and parents to socialize with others. The Tots program is offered twice a week with an evening session on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM and a repeat session on Friday mornings at 10:00 AM. No registration is required. Contact the library at 815-694-2800 for further information.

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